The composition of a knave (polyanarch) wrote in sport_tour,
The composition of a knave

Areostich Roadcrafter Suit


Roadcrafter 1 piece in 42L
List $727 -Paid $250.01 (plus shipping)

Back Pad
List $60 -Came with suit

Hip pads
List $30 -Came with suit

List $57 -Came with suit

List $47 -Came with suit

Things I was going to buy anyway from Riderwarehouse (reason I was surfing eBay for 'Stich items when I found this deal going for $120 and started chatting with the owner as to the back story). My suit didn't come with these extras as I was too cheap at the time.

Long story short: Great deal. Great guy to chat with online. I bought more of his stuff and helped him get a better price on a couple of other things because I bid it up to "my" price and someone took it higher.

I can't complain at all. The glorious A fits into it and will use it if we take a longer trip. I can fit into it but it is a bit tight -if I loose more weight my identical (but red) suit will be too big and this one will be perfect.

Sometimes I am glad that I have good Karma and things always seem to work out for me in the end.

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