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The composition of a knave

Lessons learned

When backing out of a garage where the driveway outside has had the asphalt removed in preparation for paver bricks, and there is an approximately 5" drop-off just past the doorway, it is highly advisable to not have your sidestand deployed.

Apparently, when the back wheel drops off the curb 5" the sidestand will ALSO need an extra 5" of clearance. As it touches down it will violently lever the bike over to starboard pitching the clip-ons right out of your hands. Even an experienced rider who has been pushing around motorcycles expertly for many years will be surprised when the bike lunges right out of his grip and bashes its tank against the garage door-frame.

The last time I dropped a street bike while pushing it was 1979. I guess I didn't quite make 30 years. And the bike didn't drop all the way to the ground. It just went over about 45-degrees and wedged itself there. Sweet!

In other news, Road America's AMA superbike race weekend was a blast this year -if a bit wet. I camped from Friday to Sunday and survived the flooding by being on the high ground. The Dairyland Salute to Rider's Parade lap was fun. The track was wet and it was sprinkling on Friday so a lot of motoretard action was had. Got the rear end out really far in a few corners. On Saturday it was pretty dry so there was tons of peg-scraping action if you let the people clear out in front of you on the straightaways before the corners.

I learned that if you filter all the way back to the point where the pace car is behind you that it is time to cool it with scraping pegs and pulling tiny wheelies out of the corner regardless of how slow you go down the straights to make up for it. They are not amused by that kind of thing ;) I never buy a wristband for Sunday so I didn't have to worry about a lecture the next day as the parade lined up. Hopefully by next year they will have forgotten my bike :-D

Also, if you are camping, make sure to get to the showers early. Some bozo thinks that it is OK to crap in the shower stalls and the RA guys won't clean it up for hours. On the whole, the RA folks really don't know what they are doing and/or are very understaffed. The gate workers don't have a clue what is going on, and they really need to make a seperate line/lane at the gates for those who are returning with a pass so they don't have to wait 40 minutes in line with those buying tickets to get back in when they only need to show a wristband or a re-entry ticket. The same goes for those who have bought their tickets in advance. It's kind of unprofessional -but then again a lot of what goes on at RA is pretty unprofessional. One would think that after getting nearly $200/person in entry/camping fees they would be able to pay for decent help.

Oh, and 20 county sheriffs patrolling the campgrounds (maybe that is where all the money goes?) do not help if all they do is harass the regular campers but don't have the balls to go after/confront the real offenders who are riding like idiots on the camp roads, doing burnouts, drinking and making noise (hootin' & hollarin') in the "family campgrounds" where there is a supposed quiet time of 10PM and honking their air-horns on their party-barge RV's every 20 minutes until 2AM. Hell, these clowns near me were playing "throw the lawn jarts as far as you can over the camp road until someone complains or gets impaled." I wish RA would make a "motorcycle-only" camping area. I was the ONLY camper who rode in on a bike in my part of the campground which was supposed to be "tent-only" but I guess the RV's overflowed into our area. Most people TRAILER in their bikes and then ride them all over the race grounds. Do they even WATCH the race or just ride around all day?

The town-clowns were also out in force nearby at each local town. Most of us know not to ride even 3MPH over when out getting groceries. The local roads and towns are PATROLLED and they are looking to hook bikes. The local volvo-driving/cell-phone-talking bimbo's can go 10-over with impunity but the town clowns are out to make some money on the visitors it seems. I guess some people need to learn that lesson firsthand rather than by mere observation. Other than a small dent in my tank this summer I've been doing ok: no tickets, no getting thrown out of a campground, no drowning in a flash flood, nobody got pregnant or contracted an STD -but that last bit has more to do with the fact that my tent is a bit too small for much of that type of "entertaining," and not for lack of trying ;)

So far so good this season, there is a lot of riding and sport-touring left to do before the snow falls later this year...

Go global warming! I could use a few more weeks/months of the riding season.
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