The composition of a knave (polyanarch) wrote in sport_tour,
The composition of a knave

HJC Fossil Helmet $200

HJC Fossil Helmet is around $200 right now at New Enough.

I think that is a pretty darn good deal on a pretty decent helmet. I've got a Shoei head and I am not really an HJC guy, but this is a darn nice helmet that integrates an interior "sunglasses" face shield that flips out of the way for those of you who don't wear glasses and have squinty eyes syndrome. There are only a couple of helmets on the market right now with this feature (that I know of). It's like a jet-fighter's helmet :-D

And the price is right, about $30 less than the other "close-out" moto stores and way under MSRP which is around $260-$275.

If you are looking for a new helmet, maybe this one is for you. It is the season for snapping up winter deals. This spring the deals will be fewer and further between (depending on how the economy is going, or not going, when the snow melts over the northern part of the country).
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